Bracelets Bracelets Silver loop Bracelet This is hammered fine silver. $100 199814123 Sterling Silver Bubble Cuff This is a hammered sterling bracelet. $180. 199814124 Copper viking knit A light and springy copper viking knit bracelet. $150. This particular bracelet has sold but a new one is available as a custom order. 199813894 Triple Chain This is a simple triple chain made of bronze and nickel silver rings that I made by hand. $40 91016264 Silver Rope chain bracelet Fine silver. $100 91169258 Byzantium chain Nickel silver. $50 91169275 Bronze 'Persian' Bracelet $50. 199502455 Stainless steel bracelet A thin bracelet using the knot chain weave. $60 199813895 Copper rope chain bracelet A simple (and quite popular) chain. $45 106845409 Another popular variation of the Japanese weaves. Nickel silver and stainless steel. $60 106845410 Custom cuff Copper and stainless steel. $120 106845411 Custom Cuff Another view. Stainless and Copper $120 199814202 Bronze bracelet A heavy bronze bracelet. $60 199502412 Japanese style bracelet Bronze and Stainless Steel. $80 199502413 Steel segmented rope chain bracelet Stainless steel. $55 199502415 Helmsman Bracelet Stainless Steel and Nickel Silver. $50 199502416 Bronze and Brass rope chain Bracelet $45 199502417 Double Byzantine Bracelet Stainless steel. $90. 199502418 Thin Steel Rope Chain A flat version of the knot chain weave. $50 199502419 Thin Chain pea pod chain. Stainless Steel. $60 199502421 Steel Rope Chain Bracelet Stainless Steel. $60. 199502422 Copper Bangle Solid copper bracelet with captive links inside. 199502423 Stainless Steel viking knit bracelet. A hand woven viking knit bracelet with a durable, and easy to fasten stainless steel bullet clasp. Light and springy. $175. 199502424 Heavy Stainless Steel Cuff This bracelet is roughly 3" wide, dense and heavy. Stainless steel. $200 199502425 This flat bracelet Stainless steel 'persian' style bracelet. 199502426 Copper Torc Bracelet Hand twisted copper bracelet with simple hand cast terminals. $100. 199502427 Rainbow Titanium Bracelet All six colours of the rainbow on this bracelet. This bracelet is light and comfortable. $80 199502428 Hammered Sterling bracelet $90 199502429 Titanium 'Elf' bracelet A light, dense, flat bracelet. $200 199502430 Titanium 'Elf' bracelet A closeup picture. 199502431 Flat vipera bracelet Bronze and Nickel Silver. $45 199502432 Forged Steel Torc Bracelet A hand forged bracelet made from plain carbon steel. It has been sealed and clear coated but it will rust if not taken care of. $60 199502433 Titanium Vipera bracelet $60 199502434 Simple Copper bracelet Solid, Hammered bracelet. $40 199502435 Copper torc Bracelet. Hand Forged bracelet. Copper is harder to forge than steel because it can't be forged at red heat, but must be hammered cold and repeatedly annealed to prevent cracking. $80. 199502436 Stainless Steel Cuff This cuff uses the Japanese 8-2 weave and is one variation of a popular style. $200 199502437 Bronze 'Persian' Cuff Thick, heavy, bronze cuff. $80. 199502438 Bronze 'Persian' cuff A closeup. 199502414 Titanium Byzantine Bracelet Thick and durable, yet light and easy to wear. $80 199502439 Bronze 'persian' cuff Large but loose. $50 199502440 Copper loop bracelet A hammered copper bracelet. Copper is quite hard to solder without a visible seam. There are soldering alloys available but I've found them unreliable and prone to leaving grey spots. Instead I use jewelers brass which is close enough to pure copper that it can be used to create a seamless joint. $80 199502441 Silver Viking Knit Bracelet Hand woven fine silver bracelet. $200 199502442 Copper torc Bracelet Twisted copper wire bracelet. $80 199502443 Fine Silver Etruscan Bracelet A light thin chain made from large loops folded over on themselves. $120 Available by Custom order 199502444 Stainless Steel rope Chain Bracelet $60 199502446 Copper Byzantine Bracelet $45 199502447 Nickel Silver Rope Chain Bracelet $50 199502448 Nickel Silver Rope Chain Bracelet A close-up picture. 199502449 Helmsman Bracelet Bronze and Nickel Silver. $45. 199502450 Helmsman Bracelet Stainless Steel and Nickel Silver. $50 199502451 Helmsman Bracelet Stainless Steel and Black Anodized Aluminum. $45. 199502452 Stainless Steel 'Persian' Bracelet $60. 199502454 Bronze Bracelet Delicate Bronze. $45 199502456 203435330