Chainmaille Jewelry Chainmaille Jewelry Byzantium chain A nearly complete byzantine necklace. Stainless steel. $100 91023540 Thumb ring Titanium, $40 91023427 Garnet choker A stainless steel roundmaille choker with enclosed garnets as a centerpiece. 91023428 91023429 Titanium roundmaille Titanium with silver at the centre. $120. 91023430 Silver roundmaille A fine silver roundmaille choker. $150 91023431 Epic Belt #2 This is my wife's belt. It's thinner and lighter than mine and uses the standard 4-1 weave. Stainless steel. 91023424 91023535 Left to right: Byzantine, Persian and helmsman chains in stainless steel, bronze and a nickel silver/bronze combo. 91023536 91023537 Malachite A bronze chain in the 'Persian' style with a malachite bead in the center. 91023705 Chain gang A selection of necklaces and bracelets, varying weave styles and metals. 91023538 91023542 Epic Belt A thick Stainless steel belt using the 'elfweave' style. I have worn this every day for over four years. 91173225