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Who I Am and What I Can Do For You


     My name is David Burling and I am a metal artisan based in Gananoque, Ontario. I make jewelry, accessories, and functional items such as belts, gloves, vests and even household items.

     All of my pieces are handmade. I use many different kinds of metals including silver, stainless steel, bronze, copper, and titanium. Most of the metal in my pieces comes from specialty suppliers, but some of my pieces use scrap metal that I have reclaimed and up-cycled. 

Heat Scarred Sterling Eudialyte Pendant.jpg

    Like many locally-based artisans, I sell many of my pieces at regional festivals, and independent retail outlets. However, I also sell many of my pieces through custom order. If you have a design you would like to see created into beautiful lasting jewelry, contact me and I will be only to happy to make it for you.

    Because all of my work is handmade, it is very high-quality. I put a lot of hours and pride into each of my pieces. Have a look around the site. I am always forging new ideas into reality and will continue to upload photos of my work. Please consider looking up Graymalkins Wireworks on facebook and liking my page.

Thanks for visiting!

                                                                                                    David Burling

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