Pendants Pendants Bubble pendant. A simple pendant to match the ring or cuff. Sterling. $50 199814219 Custom Dragonfly pendant. My friend Trish (Gypsy Gems) commissioned this as the centerpiece for a belly dancing set. I was asked for a dragonfly pendant that incorporated the number 25 into it. So I made it with 25 enclosed spaces (like a stained glass window). Sterling silver. Sold for $100 91013322 Bronze Mandala Pendant A simple bronze chainmaille pendant with an eight sided mandala arrangement. $40 199501635 Nautilus Fossil Pendant A fossil nautilus shell mined from a Jurassic age fossil bed in Morocco with a simple sterling setting. $175 199501736 Raw Garnet Pendant This pendant features a grossular garnet from the Jeffery mine in Asbestos, Quebec. The mine is now closed and I have one other stone of the same type. The stone pictured is roughly an inch long. $145 199501737 Twisted wire Pendant A copper pendant made from three strands of twisted wire that have been hammered flat and bound together. $45 199501738